Saturday, 21 July 2012

iPad prices are normalising

The Dollar price of an iPad 2, now and last year. Many thanks to Edward, who did the web research for me as his 'work experience' yesterday!

Some countries have seen prices come down, all countries have seen exchange rate movements, The big outlier a year ago was Brazil but Real softness is going some way towards sorting that out. Cheapest place to buy an iPad is still the USA. Japanese prices are added and highlight that years of deflation mean Japan isn't over the top expensive any more.

In the UK, we're being over-charged.....and while Switzerland is super-expensive for many things, an iPad is cheaper in Zurich than in London, apparently.

If you only traded FX on the basis of iPad prices (would have got you short real last year, but it's not really a sophisticated strategy!) you would sell the Swedish krona and buy the dollar or the yen...

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