Monday, 23 July 2012

Overpriced Milk

Why does a skinny cappuccino cost Eur 3.20 while a skinny Latte costs a mere Eur 3 at Starbucks in Munich? Milk is cheaper than froth, something that will register with British dairy farmers, who are complaining about falling milk prices.

The Starbucks index currently puts a tall late at Eur 2.85 in Alicante, 3.00 in Munich and 3.50 in Paris and Amsterdam, but Eur 3.85 in Athens, which plays right into the hands of those who think Greece is the European economy which suffers most from excessive prices.

Mind you, CHF 6.10 for the same drink in Zurich this week is scary, while GBP 2.15 could be argued as a reason to buy the pound were it not for iPad prices. It seems the Swiss, relative to the Brits, value coffee more highly than Apples.

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