Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Short post on social media...

On Monday I sent a morning note out, observing that everyone will have had their fill of the observation 'we don't expect a US default' but that as the October 17th deadline to resolve the issue of the US debt ceiling draws closer we need to ponder  how hard that deadline is and meanwhile, asset prices may remain under pressure.

I was glad, therefore, that the following chart was posted on a market blog by well-known blogger/tweeter/commentator Joe Weisenthal.

The chart shows how the 'hard' line in the sand for the US running out of any wiggle room on its finances comes a bit later, either on October 31 or November 1 when big payments are due.

So I re-tweeted the picture from a restaurant as follows:

Happy Halloween. Doomsday is Nov1 RT: CHART OF THE DAY: This chart destroys the debt ceiling truthers.

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