Saturday, 26 October 2013

Storm coming

There's a storm coming, apparently, to rival October 1987's. I was in London when that storm hit, and didn't notice anything had happened until I got to work.  But down here in Higher Coombe, we did lose a lot of trees, including much of a beech row. Since I am down in Devon now, I wandered out with a camera because there isn't anything I can do to prevent a storm blowing trees down, but I'm fond of them. The top picture shows a beautiful beech row that is almost intact on our neighbour's deer farm.  I took the picture as much for the colours as the trees.

The second picture is of the Mardle, my favourite stream, after which I named this blog.

And the third picture is of a couple of the beech trees in a row by the house, that survived 1987.  I hope the latest storm, if it comes, leaves the beech trees alone.

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